23 April 2013

design: donna wilson

Now when most of us are really longing for spring (especially when the weather report predicts -°C in Iceland) I wanted to show you something colourful and sunny. I think Donna Wilsons products are like that. She is originally from Scotland but lives and works in London where she designs wonderful knitted pillows, mittens and strange animals and many other things. Recently she was asked to design a room in the „Wool House“ in Sommerset House on the Strand. Organized by the campaign for wool, a whole wing of the house had been transformed into a wool house, with every room an exquisite example of how you can decorate and use wool. Donna decorated the nursery and was thrilled to take part. Donna has also visited Iceland and was really fond og the small houses and the handicrafts. Here is a sneekpeek of her wonderful world.

–Elín Hrund

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