22 April 2013

design: KER, hjörtur matthías skúlason

In the latest issue of Home and Delicious Hjörtur Matthías Skúlason was interviewed. He's a product design student of Icelandic Academy of the Arts and he submitted his final thesis about the now rarely seen ashtray. We met Hjörtur at the DesingMarch where he mentioned his final project then still in formation. He had been searching containers, different forms of storage and how the modern home is developing with regards to these. Kitchen culture plays a large role in this as it is a big part of one of our primary needs. Hjörtur promised to let us know about his final project in time and on saturday he sent me an email I was happy to get. His project is called KER and he worked it with the potter Guðbjörg Káradóttir. 

Photos Marinó Thorlasíus

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