04 April 2013

food: cod and asparagus – great combination

When Gunnar cooks fish, his dishes are like served at a restaurant. When I cook fish, it looks very everyday! That's what our older daughter says at least. It's probably mine to cook that kind of fish, as I haven't been that eager cooking fish overall although I like fish. The dish at the photo was some that Gunnar made one Wednesday at lunch time a while ago! Totally true. He bought a good piece of cod, used some prebaked potatoes we had in the fridge and slow cooked tomatoes we had made some days before. Boiled asparagus and voila, served it. Great combination.

For this dish is no particular recipe. It's more an idea of a great dish you can have in mind and make your own combination due to what you have in the fridge and want/need to use. The cod is panfried 2 minutes on each side, taste with salt and pepper. Cut the pre cooked potatoes in bite size pieces, put in an oven proof dish with the tomatoes (get the recipe here for the tomatoes, but you can use sun dried instead). Lay the cod on top of the potatoes. Put in an oven, 180 degrees celcius, for 20 minutes. Boil the asparagus meanwhile and serve it on top. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and some parmesan. Enjoy!  

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