08 April 2013

last week...obsession

Like I've told you before, I collect a lot of images on my desktop that I sort to different folders. Pinterest has solved a lot of that work (how nice to keep all the images you like in one place?) but there are always some images I screen shot to use for myself. These images following are the one I handpicked last week. BUT WHY? 

The one above; cause I really love it and always have. The living room of the owners of the British Rug Company. See the colour combination and how interesting it looks. The mood and the overall feeling of personal space. 

The one below; great idea of displaying photographs in an informal way. I used Ribba-picture ledge years ago and I'm into it again. It gives you the freedom of changing, adding and moving things around.

Bright and charming, I love the combination of white, black and navy with a twist of green in plants and flowers. But the rugs are the main thing here - how they are laid down one over the other. Great idea but truly not for everybody, just patient people in the mood for lifting their chair when moving it. Photographer Kristofer Johnsson. 

The details in the wall painting, black on white, I really like in that athmosperic living room. 
Plus the alignment of furniture and how the shell pendant sits very low, close to the round table. 
Image from Yatzer. 

A sweet display in the kitchen. Using trays for displaying objects, mark them some space 
you can use freely without spreading small objects all over. 

Great solution for small spaces. Simple shelving with a simple door, to make the space 
and use it wisely. Closed with old fashioned "lockers" I always prefer when we are making 
our own things in the cottage. 


  1. Hi, concerning the last picture, I would suggest it's not a storage but a dry toilet. In the middle there is a covered seat/hole and my suspicion is enforced by the acessories (toilet paper, wet tissues and reading ;o)

    1. clever...I think you're right!
      but anyway - I like to read something else out of it...


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