29 May 2013

10 spaces – photo and art walls


Well executed photo and art walls. I'm asked a lot in my work as an interior designer how to put together a well made collage of family photos and small/medium art works. People seem to be interested in it for their home, as it's far more better to group many little things together than all around. The influence are greater as it's always better to "exaggerate" a little to make an impact in interior.
But it can be complicated to start and better to do so after taken decision of how to execute it – how to arrange the photos. Do you want everything to be precise and symmetrical or just floating and easy to add one more every time you want to? Or do you want to use photo ledges and feel free to arrange things? I can not recommend the way of trying to have all the gaps between the photos exactly the same centimeters as it will make you a little bit crazy one day when you want to add some more. It can also look too stiff and formal, not the way collages are supposed to look. The images following show clearly some ways to follow. Notice the arrangement around the TV, a great way to hide the TV a bit. Use it to get inspired and just start! 

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