02 May 2013

design: cu for copper

For years now, metals such as steel, aluminium or iron have dominated in architecture and interiors. We have favored them when choosing tabletops or cabinets in kitchens, when picking furniture and objects for the home, such as lamps, cutlery and vases. Recently “warmer” metals such as brass, bronze and copper have been having a comeback, especially copper which is practically everywhere these days, on popular interiorblogs and on the pages of interior magazines. 

–Gerður Harðardóttir / koolandkreativ

Tom Dixon´s Copper Shade is a phenomenal success and now Scandinavian design classics such as Mogens Lassen´s Kubus 4 candleholder (1962) and Erik Magnussen´s Stelton vaccum jug (1976), are available in Copper for the first time. I personally love when copper pipes for plumbing are left exposed in kitchens or bathrooms or when used in tables or as coat hangers. Copper harmonizes beautifully with minimalistic spaces, giving them a welcoming warmth. Copper also blends easily with different types of wood, marble or various slaps of stone.


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