16 May 2013

design: new stockholm collection from ikea

Design in each detail, quality materials, "unique" pieces, new ways in design. This is a description of the new Stockholm collection from Ikea which is now in stores world wide. Furniture and accessories, great solutions, for the living room, dining room and bedroom. But notice – the products are made to decorate any room of the home. Multifunctional qualities make the collection unique and distinctive where products are designed to mix and match.

Materials used are soft but strong, easy to use, nice to touch with a pleasant texture. Walnut in chocolate brown colour in furniture, high quality leather in sofas and bone china in dinnerware. Pieces that lasts and become more beautiful with age. Inherit from one generation to another.

The details play the main role in the Stockholm collection. The senior collection did more out of matching and combinations. Now the design is more focused on single pieces, stand out pieces, that you can use together, mix with completely different kind of furniture, create a personal style of your own.

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