13 May 2013

last week...obsession

What did I screen shot last week? And why? Because...

...the EAT sign so strongly represent how revarding it is to cook, eat and enjoy great food.  

...that kitchen is kind of inspiration to me in one of my projects. I'm renovating a small apartment for the biggest labour union in Iceland, and I feel this Scandinavian light, bright and uplifting overall feeling is very suitable for people staying there. 

...I've always been a fan of the British interior designer Abigail Ahern, her works and thoughts. This is an image of her apartment and I really like how she uses dark colours, palettes, and makes the set up interesting. She also encourages people to believe in themselves when decorating their own home and creating a personal habitat.

...just funny and sweet.

...so true. I like how simple the metaphor is for everybody living their life like this or wanting to. 

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