27 May 2013

style: in a unique and personal way

True words from an icon. When reading them I started to think about women getting me in that way, regarding to their style and how they show their personality through it. There are many of course, but just searching my Pinterest board I use for style posts on Home and Delicious, I soon found out that these four are always true and honest in their overall feature. I stop when I see images of them and find it interesting how they dress for themselves.

Marlien Rentmeester – has worked in the fashion magazine business for years. 
Runs a very nice fashion blog I always follow, Le Catch

Jenna Lyons  – at J.Crew. Super interestingly dressed all the time and known 
for mixing and matching like no one else. 

Solange Knowles – singer/songwrite and a DJ. I really like her everyday and casual style.

Garance DorĂ© – photographer and a blogger who runs one of my all time favourite blogs. 
She's so spontaneous and funny. She speaks frankly and personal 
and her simple style, is what I think, really much like herself. 

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