25 June 2013

design: höst restaurant in copenhagen

The lovely restaurant Höst opened in Copenhagen last year and I really recommend a visit it if you are in the area. It's designed by the danish Norm Architects in collaboration with Danish designhouse Menu for Copenhagen restauranteurs Cofoco. The idea was to create a urban restaurant with romantic and rural references. A Scandinavian cosiness with minimalism using weathered materials such as recycled wooden pallets and lamps and lots of green plants and woollen blankets. In a way that manage to transform the feeling of eating outside on a a Scandinavian farmyard to a more minimalist indoor context. Aperfect blend! The designers also created a really nice collection of tableware for the restaurant.  

–Elín Hrund

–Sjá fleiri myndir með því að ýta á lesa nánar hnappinn–

Photos: dezeen / Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen photographer

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