14 June 2013

home visit: this friday to melbourne

I wouldn't mind spending the weekend in Melbourne and in this cool and chic house. For me this is a hit – sorry I know and can admit my weaknesses for layering houses, effortless and personal environment and easy attitude at home. But as much as I love this look, I love something else as much. I'm truly open minded for different styles and feel so many things are beautiful. That's what I have in mind on the blog: everything I post I feel is interesting and worth being there. 

Photos: Homelife via Planete-Deco


  1. We can swap homes for a weekend! You would love Melbourne, it is a vibrant city with great cafes, bars and fashion. This house is actually the location for an Australian show called 'Offspring'.
    Also I love your beautiful blog.

  2. Oh - Australia has always been one of the countries I would like to visit!
    who knows?
    we will be in touch then...


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