07 June 2013

is it the right place for the painting?

There are many who have small paintings or artwork and really don't know where to put it. The size can be tricky to envisage but it's fun using this kind of beautiful piece in displays or collages. I chose a painting to put onto these images to give you some useful ideas of hanging or non- hanging such a piece. The painting has strong colours in green and red to show you how great it matches white and grey walls. Hang it low on a wall, let it be a part of a collage, lay on a table or a console and move around regularly, use it with photos on a photo ledge. 

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1 comment:

  1. such a clever post idea! I love the painting in all the spaces. just shows that you should just buy whatever art you love and it will work with your space! but i particularly love it in that bathroom and on the bench.


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