10 June 2013

monday's mix – feels like traveling

In Iceland it's the first monday our children are on summer vacation. When working from home like us, it means we go later to sleep and then of course a later wake up call. But it doesn't matter so much, it can be hard going to bed at night when the sun is shining. As I tell you sometimes about the weather here up north, I can tell you today that it has been warm in the northern and eastern part but windy, raining and quite cold in the capital area. But it seems like it's changing. I feel it's a bit warmer outside at the moment which means I should get up from the chair and go out for a walk. I need to use the time when it's warmer (notice I can never write the word hot as it never is) as then I feel ok, I'm not a cold weather type of person (should probably have been born in California!). But I'm in the mood to enjoy summer, traveling and staying in our cottage. 

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  1. *sigh* That all looks lovely. I am in the United States, and we are vacationing at my parents' house in Connecticut. It is cool and cloudy, the peonies are in bloom, and we will be having a delicious seafood lunch today. But we are hoping, hoping, hoping to be in Iceland for next summer!

  2. hi megan!
    what you're doing sounds great - it's a bit warmer today for us, I just went for a walk and the wind is kinder than it has been.
    if you need some help with iceland, feel free to write us.
    all the best from reykjavík, hallabára

  3. Thanks! What we really want to do is move to Iceland. That is our goal. My husband is a graphic designer and we have two children, a son who is 13 and a daughter who is 6. We just want a better life for them and we are trying to figure out how we can make that happen!

  4. wow - that's a lot
    iceland is wonderful, with its pros and cons like everywhere
    for children - probably a paradise as they can almost run free...although the world are constantly changing!
    you can be in touch with us like I told you if you need some info...
    all the best from here, hbg

  5. Thank you SO much! I'll be in touch. :-)


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