05 June 2013

tea of the month – may

I know it's not May anymore, but time flies without you knowing. I completely forgot to tell you about the great tea I had in May from Tefélagið, the Tea Company, where I´m a subscriber and get new tea to taste every month. This time I got Honey tea, black tea from Hunan in China. The taste is charming as the honey feeling fills the mouth when sipping. It is soft and smooth but distinctive in taste. China and tea are strongly related, as in China they started producing tea and drinking tea. There you can find most varieties of tea and more diverse than elsewhere in the world. White, green, oolong and black are the most popular one with endless flavourings for the taste buds. 

Originally tea was used as a herbal remedy. Scheduling in this context is inaccurate but probably man's first introduction of tea was nearly five thousand years ago, or 2700 BC. In the early years after Christ sources of tea drinking are a bit better, tea had begun to spread in China, there it was mixed with spices and flavorings and often drunk with food. Tea was an important commodity in China during those years and was often pressed into cakes, as is now done with Pu-erh tea, to facilitate transport between regions. When the Roman Empire came to an end (400-500) tea had become an international commodity in Asia.

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