04 July 2013

diy – decorate with pebbles and stones

To use pebbles and stones to decorate is for me an infallible choice. I've always liked collecting pebbles and my daughters seem to inherit it. We collect them wherever we see something we like and they put it almost everywhere they seem a proper place for it! I think pebbles make a kind of connection to the earth and nature and I always love having them around. I remember where I found it and connect to when we were there. Use pebbles as part of a display; in the window sill, on the floor, some in a vase, one upon another. Following images have some ideas for using pebbles and stones in your surrounding. 

1 comment:

  1. love it! i collect pebbles and stones too, they are so beautiful. am currently moving, so it is a little painful... but oh well.


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