08 July 2013

monday's mix

This monday is a preparation day for a party we are having tomorrow. We are getting some great people to our cottage and hosting a gathering on behalf of Kinfolk Magazine. It is a workshop were the focus is on best practices and lessons on meat from land or sea. Down-to-earth advice, hands-on skills and good company. Gunnar is now working hard on catching trout from the water as we will be working with fresh trout and we need quite a few so everybody will have enough to eat! Our friend, FriĆ°rik V, is a chef and doing the teaching and cooking with help from all the guests. Then we are just enjoying being together and having fun. One four legged friend will be joining us, but if he's going to be in a stripe shirt I'm not sure! Now we are crossing our fingers that the weather will be ok (the forecast is positive) cause we need to be most of the time outside and hopefully having the dinner out doors. 

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  1. Wish I could be there with you :) have an awesome night. Can't wait to hear all about it!


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