30 August 2013

birds of a feather...in dark hues

...flock together in grey colour palette. I always like picking some images, finding the symmetry, creating a whole and imagine it as a home. That's what I did today after playing with spaces in grey and dark colour palette, as I've said many times before; I really like and it suits me and our family at home. But that doesn't mean at all that I'm not into white and bright, scandinavian or anything else. Actually I like far too many different kind of styles, so I need to define myself at home - know which route to go down. As I'm super keen on helping people to find what they want and lack at home regarding style and overall feeling, I'm open minded on different styles and what shows peoples personalities. 

The grey rooms following are not in the same hue. Telling us about the endless possibilities paint has and how much it matters to study and find the right colour for your home. That's done in context of your furniture and accessories and what hue is the right for you - the basic colour tone in grey; natural one, blue, red, yellow...

Notice how grey elevates other colours and how white becomes outstanding and ballsy in the stark contrasts with dark hues. How wood, soft tones and texture are compelling in there. Brass and copper. 

Stop now - next time, something else as beautiful but completely different. Have a nice day! 

Photos: 1a / 1b 1c / 1d 1e / 1f / 2 / 5 / 6

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