25 August 2013

follow Home and Delicious on Bloglovin

Occasionally we get the question of how to follow our blog. I admit that somehow the subscribtion button hasn't always been working. So sorry for that, but I highly recommend to you all to follow us on BLOGLOVIN. I follow all my favourite blogs there and it's so easy to do and extremely nice to get an email showing you that the blogs you follow have new posts. I add Bloglovin to my bookmarks bar and all I have to do is open it and see if there is something interesting for me to read.

All you have to do is click the Bloglovin button on our Home and Delicious blog. Then you get the question if you want to join Bloglovin and you'll click there. Then you click Sign up with email and sign up. When finished you can search Home and Delicious or go to our web page and click the Bloglovin sign there. Voila!

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