26 August 2013

monday's mix – dress the week

This monday embraces the beauty in clothing. How to master the details, aesthetics, mood, style. I really love beautiful images of clothes and they are so inspiring for how to dress. How the simplicity just becomes so much more in a plain white shirt, a sweater or a coat. It gives me a boost and motivates me in dressing up a bit more on daily basis. The problem is that working from home makes me too often dress in homey clothes. It's a shame as much as I love dressing up every day. But I probably master it quite well to elevate the basics and I always put on some make up! I've been more selective in recent years on what to buy and some years ago I just started focusing on finding my true style to build on. I've always known what I like and love but having the focal point very clear has solved so many problems and made it really easy for me to pick what I would like in my closet and what suits me. I want everything there to mix very well and get together in great combinations. I could talk and chat about this subject for much longer but leave it for now. More later! 

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