11 September 2013

1–10: eccentric places for art


I am a huge fan of finding art some unconventional places to stay. All things that surprise the eye please me and simultaneously we are using otherwise walls, corners and spaces that wouldn't be decorated at all. Ok, some photographs and paintings seem to be just made for special walls, they are perfect there, but I'm talking about the art that is more "multifunctional", varies in form, frames, sizes etc and is more like a decor for layering your home. 
The place you find for such an art should intrigue because of the room you chose to place it in and become one of focal points in the room. Choose one painting or photo you would like to try in a new place. Walk around the house and think of all the empty spaces the piece would be able to be. It's maybe not the place you would think at first to emulate the art but give it a change and see if it elevate the the empty space and the space raises and lifts the spirit of the art to new heights. Then if so, you found it! 

Photo: 1a / 1b / 1c / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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