23 September 2013

design: embrace the nature

photography gunnar sverrisson / home and delicious


This post brings our readers something new and hopefully exciting when flipping and reading Home and Delicious. Now we will publish our content once in a while in the magazine form. You simply click the image or the following link and in few moments you can read the post / story as in a magazine.  This format gives us the change to publish more photos and create the story as a whole with some nicer lay-out. But also expands the versatility in the features. 

Our first one is a feature Gunnar shot few days ago for an architecture studio in Reykjavík called VA arkitektar. It's a house surrounded by wild nature where the inside and outside emerge and the total design of the building is like woven around it. The architect of the building is Ólafur Axelsson and the interior architect Steinunn Halldórsdóttir. Click the link to read the feature. Have a nice reading. 

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