06 September 2013

five times a friday

5 x friday 

Happy and joy for the coming weekend. It's so cozy to know it's friday, no matter if you have some plans or not. Following are five photos to lead us into the weekend. Giving you some advice, letting you enjoy something delicious, staying calm, dressing nicely and loving your folks.  

Today's words speak for themselves. Calmness is never going to be overrated.

This weekend we are going to pick fresh blueberries in the country. Following recipe is one I did few years ago and I had it from my sister in law. Blueberry bread - truly delicious and easy to make. The recipe is in icelandic on the photo but translated:

250 ml warm milk . 2 tsp dry yeast . 2 tbs sugar . 2 tbs honey . 1 tsp salt . 250 g flour . 80 b cream cheese . 40 g melted butter . 160 g fresh blueberries . 70 g walnuts . 1 egg yolk . 

Preheat the oven to 180 celcius. Add the yeast and sugar to the warm milk. Mix and let it sit for 5 min. Add the honey and melted butter, stir together. Then salt, flour and cream cheese. Stir until combined and knead the dough a little before you add the chopped walnuts and the berries. Knead super carefully because of the berries so the bread is not going to be blue because of the juice. Put the dough in a tin and let it sit and rise for 60 min. Then put in the oven for around 40 min. or until golden on top. Melt together 1 tbs water and 1 tbs jam of your choice. Drizzle over the bread to get the glossy touch. Allow to cool and serve with cheeses, jams and whatever you like.

For all the ladies and gentlemen loving bubble! 
How nice to decorate a room with this table when having a party going on.

One, big happy family! 

And finally – a lovely and ladylike dress to get inspiration from if going out and dressing up. 
I wouldn't mind this dress; the skirt, the sweater, shoes and jacket. Super well executed. 

–Have a nice weekend–

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