03 September 2013

home visit: dimore studio in milan, italy

Today's home visit is to the heart of Milano, Italy. To an amazing Milanese Palazzi where Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci run their studio, Dimore Studio, and their home. This home visit is kind of before and after. The photos with white walls are before and the blue one after their painted their space in this deep grey-blue slate of hue I think is truly wonderful! Yes, blue and me is a match. I've always felt this palazzo, the lay-out, furniture and objects, pendants and lamps such a perfect combination and now in this blue heaven... What also strikes me is the flow of the space as you can see how the furniture are not where they used to and everything is floating around and used in different places than before. Just enjoy these images and take some time to compare them before and after vise. Have a nice Thusesday. 

Photos: Yatzer / photographer Emanuele Zamponi / the chic fish

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