02 September 2013

monday's mix – favourites since last week

Monday and September! A tad scary...but probably fine I think. Would be the best if September would embrace us in beautiful weather to enjoy the amazing scenery of autumn. Todays monday gets the inspiration from picks "somehow" stopped on my desktop last week. Sometimes it's covered in stuff and I feel if I'm loosing control! These photos are some I hadn't seen before and others I've seen multiple times but always love. I put them in a folder names Privat where I keep images suitable for our home and the cottage; images I scroll regularly up and down getting some inspiration if I'm feeling of moving some things around (the urge I get on regular basis) or at least thinking about it. Hope this monday will treat you well. 

Photos: 1a / 1b 1c-1d / 2 / 5 / 

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