30 October 2013

1–10: children's rooms for two


Ideas for the children's room where two cuties share the room. Sometimes we have no choice because of lack of space but sometimes it's just convenient for the home. We have the experience as our daughters share a room although five and ten in age. They really like to have each other in there and we can use the rooms we have much better as now we have a home office we didn't have before. We can highly recommend it and I truly believe that it's a great choice for many of you. The children can have a bigger room for their belongings (as in many cases they are sharing toys) and it's a smart challenge to decorate it nicely and more important, calmly, so it's also a relaxing space. But never forget; this room is a part of the home, part of the whole, and should harmonise in style and overall look! 

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