18 October 2013

five times a friday

When this friday is over we can celebrate the weekend. We have two days to relax, cook good food, meet great people, spending time with our family, take care of things, go to a basketball game or anything else. Following friday photos should get you in the weekend mode. 

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Next weekend me and Gunnar are hosting a dinner party for Kinfolk Magazine to celebrate 
Kinfolks' new cookbook. We are looking forward to it but I think every weekend we deserve 
some great food whatever it is. 

Truly a cute decor idea for your home to make this weekend. Prop up some very nice 
photos in a great and carefully chosen spot for display. 

It's always the right time to dress up. Specially comfortably. 

This weekend is the one to start getting greener. Go and buy your first plant and you will never 
go back. Place it an unconventional way in between things to make a lively vignette. You're 
gonna want some more! 


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