20 November 2013

1–10: bedside lamps of different kind


Many people want their bedroom to be super simple and serene. Many people have their a little bit too conventional and want to add some touch. And many people haven't finished making their as nice as other rooms in the house but are always on the way. Following are some useful ideas to pop up the bedroom, and as simple as it sounds, just by changing the bedside lamps. 
The truth is that for many there aren't so much decoration in the bedroom and therefor the bedside lamp is the biggest decor in the room. Due to that, it should be a piece where the eye wants to linger on. It should be a focal point and a tad of a statement. For double beds you don't need the lamps to be the same on both sides, on the contrary the lamps can be of different kind but having some resemblance. A floor lamp on the other side of the room is an idea to think of. 
The photos show great bedside lamps and many of them have some extra ideas for the bedroom to consider to make it super compelling.

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  1. Love the lamp in the first picture, but when I click on the #1 link, it goes to the Flickr main page. Any thoughts on sourcing? Thanks!

    1. hi hi!
      I've been trying to find out but have no clue
      so sorry
      but if - I'll write back
      I know, it's super nice, that's why I posted it
      ciao, halla bára


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