06 November 2013

1–10: in the attic


We should stay in the attic today – it can be so super cozy. I had a question from a dear Home and Delicious reader who's collecting great ideas for her attic, both at home and in the cottage. She has two attics to decorate and needs some inspiration. As the attic is a challenging space to execute I found some picks of different rooms to show you how great and enticing it can look. If I had one I would decorate it now! 

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  1. I love these ideas for decorating attic space. We have wanted to make ours a morrocan theme since we moved in! I have a pinterest board dedicated to attics if you are looking for more inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/daydreamincolor/attic-and-secret-rooms/

    1. hi connie!
      your board is super nice - I'm a follower from now on
      keep on pinning as I might need some great ideas...
      ciao, hallabára


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