08 November 2013

five times a friday

5 x friday

I haven't been utterly inspired today so it's suitable for the mood to post images with no relations. From here and everywhere but images that made me stop for some reason. I hope you'll stop too when looking at them. Have a nice evening and hopefully even as nice weekend. 

– Always remember,

Uh, clever and different idea. 
The old clips have gotten a new life. 
Cool, isn't it? 

Ah, a cup of tea in the morning 
= relaxing start of the day.
But I insist having something great to eat with it. 

Something so ... me in this. 
I totally love this combination. 
Nice sweater, t-shirt and necklace.
Just everything. 

A confession to make, this shelving made me smile.
I get happy when I see something I deeply and truly like for my own home. 

Sometimes the simple and classic is the best way out of a closet trouble. 
Of course it doesn't hurt being fresh and fabulous to bring it on! 

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