05 November 2013

home visit: birds of a feather ...

The home visit this Tuesday is ... not a real one. I decided to flock together images I stumbled upon and create an imaginary home. The result is a lived in home, with a modern and scandinavian flair. It's cohesive and I feel the contentment. Literally it's laid back and personal and you can find brass and black, textile, the colour pink, gallery walls and eclectic stuff mixed with design. Pretty much what the season is telling us in interior design and decoration – if you feel like some inspiration!

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  1. i love the pictures you put together, reading your blog is a must for me, you're very inspirational and i've pinned so many of your pictures. i have been to iceland a couple of years ago and it seemed like such a strange country to me even though i'm quite familiar with its history and other scandinavian countries. i would love to see more of your daily life in iceland!


    1. hi hi!
      thanks for your kind words - yes, I believe iceland is a little bit different, it's between the continents and therefor seeking influences both ways! I'm a person not so much into the cold but the uniqueness of the country and having a cottage in the nature helps me getting along...
      it's always on our radar to do more of our own stuff, hopefully quite soon and also as interesting as our readers think!!!
      all the best to you, hallabára

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