02 December 2013

monday's mix: enliven the christmas decoration

Monday and already December. When considering today's post I immediately thought about Christmas decoration and how to pull it off. The idea of decorating for Christmas is the same as decorating other days of the year. To make things more interesting, beautiful and intriguing. My opinion is that if the decor is just put here and there without consideration we are not going to enjoy it as we should. It's nice and cozy to warm up this Christmas month with extra light and cute things and let the decor be in rhythm and harmonise the interior. 

Ideas for Christmas decorating –  group your decor, make vignettes / use light, lamps and candles to lighten up the vignette / play with hight / play with texture / play with personal things and ornaments and add into vignettes with design and classic objects / use the floor as well for bigger ornaments / use mirrors to reflect the decor and make it more compelling ... use your imagination. 

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