29 January 2014

1–10: ivar by ikea


Multifunctional furniture are my cup of tea. I really love when I can move things around and they look equally the same and nice everywhere. My childhood memories are of Ivar-shelvings from Ikea,. My parents bought it when I was probably seven or eight and I remember I liked it a lot and felt it was very modern at that time. Time passed and you get tired of some things, Ivar was given away but I have renewed my relationship with "him". We've been using shelvings and a cabinet in our daughters bedroom for some time and painted it in the same colour as the walls. It's versatile and as it's the same colour as the walls it lets other more cute furniture stand out. Look at the photos and see  the possibilities Ivar has. 

– Read more to see more useful photos of Ivar – 

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