07 January 2014

2014 – hopes and expectations?

The holidays are over and now it's time to sit down at the computer and do some work! I really hope your Christmas time turned out great. Ours did and it was super christmassy were we spent time in the snowy Akureyri and then in the darkness in our cottage. But as soon as the holidays say good bye people start making new years resolutions. Some are better than others in doing this and I'm not special in that field to tell the truth. Of course I know what I want to do, what I would like and love to accomplish. But it's the same as last years as it's more about you and your feelings to yourself. But one surprise bomb and a dream to come true just happened to us recently and in our 2014 we will have a huge project to work on and evolve. More about that later. 
But these hopes and expectations are of different kind and in an Icelandic newspaper this last saturday I was asked about something I would like for my home. I thought it would be easy but I really had to think to find out the priorities! Some of it is bigger than others, some ideas I would like to see become a reality and some utopian one. 

– Read more to see what I thought would be lovely having at home –

Living room
There is this one chair I wouldn't mind having in my living room - the Butterfly chair. It has this relaxed feeling and I see it as a great piece in our living room combo. To make it even more perfect a rice paper lamp by Noguchi would spread this wonderful soft light all over the place. 

A great pendant or a chandelier does more in a bathroom than most things BUT what I would love is having my bathroom in a deep and dark colour like that one above (tiles and painted). One of my favourites of all time. 

No doubt there - a new mattress in our bed. Sometimes I think it's better to lay on the floor! As much as I like my bed and bedroom over all. 


Children's room
I really want our daughters having nice and cozy rooms for them. It has to be relaxing and inspiring and in my mind a mattress on the floor and big cushions are always intriguing. 

My dream one is quite small where we can have some fairy lights crossed all over it. I always feel it would be the place to enjoy some great time with family and friends. 

Gunnar says a pasta machine and I agree although we are not that kind of kitchen people that need all the latest stuff. I feel we need a big and sturdy chopping board.

Peace in the world number one but a sauna number two. Having sauna at home would make one of my dreams come true. 

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