22 January 2014

before and after – big difference

I really like showing you photos where you can see some difference in the same space. For me I enjoy it and hopefully you too. These photos show you how much game changer it is to paint a room in  completely different colour than it used to be. Here from crisp white to retro blue. I'm a fan of blue colours so it totally impressed me but believe me, in white it's stunning what so ever. 
You probably get the urge once in a while that you want to make some changes at home but you're not sure what to do. Painting is the cheapest, simplest and biggest way to do it and using some colour far away from what has been used multiplies the power, tantalises and enlivens the interior. 

This beautiful apartment is in Copenhagen and is not a home. It's a gallery/shop named The Apartment, owned by Tina Seidenfaden Busck og Pernille Hornhaver. Each piece is carefully chosen to complement the interior and their concept. 

– Read more to see the before and after images –

Photos via The Apartment


  1. gorgeous...both ways! I love how you notice different parts of the architecture and furnishings when the paint backdrop changes.

    1. thanks - as I'm so much into colours and even dark colours on walls and ceilings I really love showing you the difference and how it changes the atmosphere - enjoy and think about it for your own place...


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