24 January 2014

is a new photographer in the house?

Well, truly it has some advantages to be married to a photographer ... specially if you want him to be your teacher. I've always had interest in taking photos but it has been Gunnar's job to do so. But being a photographer doesn't mean you are always with the camera when your wife want you to although the iPhones have solved many problems. So – I decided for the year 2014 to start taking pictures on our Fuji camera, not just the iPhone, and go all the way in Lightroom and Photoshop. And it started yesterday. My teacher told me to shot some stills which I did. Then it was uploading the picks and start studying the applications. I managed to and my Mac is covered in notes not to forget anything. Following is my first project. This weekend I'll finish the second one. 

– Read more to see more photos I took –

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