31 January 2014

pattern of life

This wasn't meant to be the post this morning but when I saw the image above I fell for the beauty in it and had to post it. How intriguing. It lifts the spirit and gives immediate contentment. Following are more images that are equally tantalising for this friday morning.

– Read more to see the pattern to decorate this friday –

Photos via Bungalow Classic


  1. I love your blog ! I've just published one of your recipes in my blog today !
    If you want to check : viadellafonte.com

    1. hi eliane!
      thanks so much for your kind words on your blog - so so nice of you
      every time I read your page I almost get home sick as it's first on our wish list to go to italy
      our girls dream about it, might think they have some roots there!
      hopefully we can in the nearest future
      all the best to you, hbg

  2. Hi, I like your post where is situated the villa on the second photo?


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