06 February 2014

1D poster in my home office

hallabára / home and delicious

Remember I told you on monday that I got this beautiful birthday present from my big lion she made by herself? My little lion however asked my this same monday morning to tell her father that they had to go together the following afternoon to buy a gift for me. She knew exactly what she wanted to give her mother. Off they went and before we had a pizza in one of our favourite restaurants in Reykjavík, she handed me the gift. It was nicely wrapped in green paper and golden ribbon. 
When I opened it, the first thing I saw was a magazine for girls with an image of the One Direction guys! She was more than exited to see my reactions, and by the way under the magazine was a beautiful interior book she also chose herself as she seems to know her mother quite well though only five. The magazine was a hit in her mind and inside a poster I put on my wall in the office. She admitted later on that she had given me the magazine to keep it herself as she wanted it so much. My lions like listen to 1D and I as I get to know them better I think I just like them too! 

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