26 March 2014



A chair can truly be a piece of art. It can be superbly designed. It can be a design classic. And it can just be a chair to sit on without being made with some aesthetic in mind. Chairs are probably that kind of furniture that are most fun to buy. They are really important in a scene, something you can move around in a space, they fit in dead corners and make them compelling. One chair and a tiny bit of something with it, is an enticing display as it can also be a cozy corner the same way. Chairs are endless inspiration and have such a big role in a space that it can be a main character in the "How to arrange a home" book. 

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  1. Wonderful interior decoration.
    I like this collection.Fire Engine Kids Bed

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  3. Chairs are an essential element of every house. A perfect chair design doesn't mean to forget its function.


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