29 April 2014


As often in life things happen by coincidence. That´s how I stumbled upon that home via Pinterest, via the blog Latte Lisa I had never read before and found out is written by Lisa who is an Icelander living in England. 
I fell for the image above in the beginning and for many reasons. One is that I appreciate seeing beautiful homes in America with a totally different twist from what we usually see in Europe; like the textile and patterns, mix of different things of origin and how it all blends. Second the striped rug got my eye as I love stripes and how it's put above the sisal rug is always a hit for me. Third the furniture and how everything is puzzled together in an interesting mix. Fourth the dark walls. 
And as this one picture was so compelling why shouldn't the rest of this home not be? The home belongs to Mark D. Sikes, interior designer, and his partner. It's really lovely for many reasons and full of ideas to steal. Following in read more are photos of the home with some explanations what intrigues me on each one.

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Mix of different objects, attention to details, different hight of things in the table scape.

Twist in the bookshelves and the same rules apply as above.

Garden/safari folding chairs used indoors. Add great texture to a room. 

Striped rugs all around, the nook, book shelves and the organised mess on the island.

The same as above but add the curtains that bring in the texture yet crispiness. 

Tray for the smallest objects to group together. The pulled photo and the Chinese vase.

Dark walls, the ethnic cabinet, the Tulip table in the mix. Rugs. Curtains.

The placement of the day bed, the rugs. How the magazines are in a tray under the bed.

Dark walls, the occasional table with a lamp. Tantalising.

Photo credit via Latte Lisa / Lonny - Domaine where you can see more photos

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