28 April 2014


Well Home and Delicious is back on track with some posts after a little break where the time was spent doing other stories! This monday we shall talk beautiful photos that have these last two weeks inspired me impeccably on Pinterest. As I know not all of you are using Pinterest, I feel the urge to publish images that are true beauty like these. But first and foremost because the space, the displays, the scene is really working for me. 

I love the photo above as the marble and concrete make such a great contrasts, so do the objects in glass or brass and everything on the shelf. The wallpaper and the tiles below make the rooms so totally different and interesting that you really want to linger on and read the walls. The displays are made of things not bought at once, more a collection over time that speak of travels, life and evolvement. 

Everywhere there is something interesting to look at and something pleasing the eye. Not only one focal point and then you're done with the room. Instead you look at one and then find another, another and another. That's how it should be in creating your personal habitat and feelings that speak of home. 

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  1. Not really much of a fan of wallpapers, but that forest wall design took me by surprise! Beautiful! -Patrick Tan

  2. that's true as it manage to be somehow more than wallpaper
    more like a new world in a space otherwise just used to connect other interesting rooms...


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