02 May 2014


I was flipping through old magazines yesterday in our cottage whilst doing some spring cleaning. I had kept some old magazines for a time and thought I might need to use them! I tore some pages off and kept a few magazines and found one home visit I remember to have really liked. It was in a House and Garden issue from 2006, a home in south of Sweden owned by Ulrika Rudolf-Hall and Johan Nilsson. Of course I started to look for it on Google, couldn't find the exact photos from the magazine I loved, but photos that were published originally in Sk├Âna Hem. 
It's a really beautiful home and at that time this country-romatic-antique style wasn't found in so many homes except the ones placed in old buildings that had this antique furniture and objects all over. I still feel it's intriguing and very well executed … and that you surely can't see the difference it the home is shot in 2006 or 2014!

–Read more to see the photos–

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