25 June 2014


I've always been quite fond of the American interior designer and photographer Vicente Wolf. The biggest reason; his unconventional sight of a great lay-out in a room. When I stumbled across this photo above it made me searched through some photos on Google of his works and it's truly inspiring how he plans the rooms he designs. Like the living area above. The day bed is not placed in a straight line as the walls, but the corner is kept free and it's laid wall to wall. Then he uses a side table and these different chairs in the same island. 

The photo above has this completely different style and quite unusual lay-out too. Why? Because the coffee table is kept on the side of the sofa and the two armchairs behind it. And the canvas deck chair is used indoor by the sofa. 

These two lay-out ideas should inspire you to try something totally different to your living room. Trying is totally free! Who knows how it will turn out for you? I guess great. More lay-out ideas to come.

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