18 August 2014

mondays mix: FIRST PICKS


It's monday and we've been living in our most wonderful house for ten days now. Gunnar has been taking some Instagrams of the process and it's still a long way to go as our things are not all there. We need time to think how to display photos, our books and magazines are not there yet and decorating have been waiting. But as it is now we're super happy and some layering happens every day! The shell is in dark and blue hues, the floors are grey in concrete and timber and all the details in white, such as the windows and the doors. Having the shell so flawless makes me feel I want to embrace that cleanliness and I don't need more stuff inside. We don't have more furniture and need some storage in our working area and that's it. But the truth is that our home isn't so much our home until we have our photographs and personal belongings with us. They tell our story. 

– Read more for some more photos –


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