03 September 2014



Everything goes in circles and as we are in september it's time to start talking about the importance of lamps. The underestimated implement in making a home enticing. I will never get tired of telling people to buy lamps here and there for their home and to show them how mood altering they are. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, more the right size and form than anything else so it will fit the space it's supposed to fill. 
Now we talk about lamps that are there to give light more than be a statement. Such lamps play "hide and seek" as they become a part of a display or arrangement without getting all the attention. They add light and therefor mood in between beautiful objects. Try rice paper lamps, little glass balls and office lamps and they can do miracles.

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A photo by Daniella Witte. Two kind of lamps on the same cabinet, notice the office one.

The interior designer Abigail Ahern masters the use of lamps beautifully and 
doesn't hesitate to mix them up in the same arrangement.

The lamp becomes a part of a display without people noticing.

The designer Thomas O'Brien never spares the lamps and uses small ones 
a lot on trays where he has put interesting objects.

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