20 October 2014



It's a winter brake in schools in Reykjavík these days. We headed north in our cottage to spend some time there as it has been too long since we were there due to the family moving. It can't be  more cozy as the first snow storm is blowing outside but still not as much as it was supposed to be. Inside we hear the wind blowing and candles have been lit, pancakes baked and now the stew is in the pot slow cooking. Probably we are preparing mentally for the winter as it's almost officially there (says the icelandic calendar) and we can't think of no better way than going to the country. Undeniably it's kind of christmassy and Kaja wanted some pepperkager to get the feeling. As we have a tiny bit of white snow, it's november soon and getting really dark – we will welcome the season till Christmas with all it's togetherness, fairy lights, holiday food and drink. More photos below if you click the Read more button.

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Photos Gunnar / Home and Delicious

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