25 November 2014



Home and Delicious apartments are soon to be ready. Well, they are almost ready as you can probably see, but for me we just started layering and we need a tad more for the feeling we would like to present. I really wanted to see how the shell was working and the first feeling of everything in it before doing much more. We had already got some nice things but not enough for my taste and that's what we're working on now.
These photos by Gunnar show the apartment on the ground floor in the main building. There we have one main bedroom for two persons and one slightly smaller also for two persons. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with a tub and big shower and a living room.
As we haven't yet started to advertise the apartments for rent on some travelling sites, we are more than willing to answer all questions from people interested in staying there. Just send us an email on:


More photos by clicking the read more button below

– Read more for all the photos by Gunnar of the apartment –

Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious


  1. Looks great ! For me there's nothing missing ! Planning to visit your country next year ! I'll sure book one of your stylish apartments !

    1. thanks eliane - it would be nice seeing you in iceland and having you staying in on of the h&d apartments...

  2. Fallegar myndir af virkilega fallegri íbúð! Getið þið sagt mér hvar þið fenguð litlu mottuna inni í svefnherbergi?

    1. takk kærlega fyrir - motturnar eru frá house doctor sem bæði fæst í tekk/habitat sem og í fakó á laugaveginum...

  3. Takk fyrir svarið! Ég þarf að kanna þetta betur, hef lengi leitað að fallegri mottu


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