04 November 2014



Talking about layers and layering a home – this home in The Village in New York, owned by the interior designer Rodman Primack, is a lesson in that field. For people choosing a lighter colour palette and whom minimise the patterns they might find in too colourful and distracting. For others everywhere you look you see something interesting. That's why it's superbly layered. First layer beautiful windows, second some colours on the walls, third wooden floors, fourth rugs, fifth furniture, sixth textile everywhere, seventh books, eight lamps, ninth photos and art on the walls, tenth plants, flowers and decoration allowed! And there are many more layers that are layering this home. That's how it's done and on this photos you can so clearly see the layers as they are colourful and patterned, whimsical and bold, cheerful and sophisticated in the same way. 

– Read more to see all the photos of that layered home –

Photos via Architectural Digest Spain / Photographer Belen Imaz


  1. Beautiful house with more personnality and a real spirit ! Beautiful post ! Thanks !

    1. that's so true - I really like homes that personal and reflecting the people living there...


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