05 November 2014



Layers are sort of details. The things you decide to use in your home; the materials, furniture, textile, art, decoration and everything in between. Keep on discussing layering and lets look at these beautiful photos I chose for this post. Photos I feel are intriguing where layers are clearly visible. Well layered home is a home where the inhabitants keep on working on their home and think about the smallest details forever - it's not like "lets just move in" and then nothing more happens. The homeyness is far away and it feels a bit neglected. But I repeat; layering is not stuffing your home so it feels overwhelming. You can be quite a minimalist and do the layers brilliantly. 

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  1. I keep so in love with your pictures ! Love your posts !
    I exercise myself everyday adding and/or removing details of my Italian farm house decoration…
    During the summer I work a lot in the garden, but now the Fall is also arriving here in Rome and the coziness of sitting inside and cooking more rich meals makes my house really Home & delicious !



    1. oh, that's so sweet to hear - you can't imagine how often we think about italy and how much it means to us
      when I saw your post I was reading about american couple moving to italy to open two boutique hotels!
      you see, italy is everywhere around us - in our dreams we would have home and delicious apartments somewhere there:)
      thanks for being so loyal and ciao to you, rome and italy...hallabára


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