09 January 2015



As I "took down" Christmas at home the other day I felt a bit sad and more than words can tell when I turned on the tv and listened to the saddest news from Paris. I took it a bit slowly while doing this, listening to the news and thinking about what was really happening – while turning off the fairy lights, lighting stars and throwing the dry christmas tree from our balcony. When finished I felt the living room was really empty without the embracing soft lights and the green pine tree and even more as the news correspondents where on. Our living room desperately needed added warmness for us to feel better. What was it that was missing? Green foliage, flowers, more lamps and candles. All these super simple things that make the warmness and coziness. Things that elongate these factors from the holidays but yet add freshness and hope for the new year. Lets put fresh flowers and greenery in every room this weekend to remind us of freedom and life. 

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  1. Very well put! And your home is beautiful - warm and cozy.

    1. thank you so so much for your kind words
      have a nice weekend...hallabára


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