16 January 2015



Stay curious it says. Be curious in life to learn and evolve. To care for others. To feel what you and others need. By then you understand people's actions and see the truth. Designers who work with people's needs in creating a private or public area should from that point be able to think logically about interior and living design. 

A space that reads; personality involved...is a friendly one. It tells stories of people living there and you really want to read some of them. Eye catching areas and vignettes are big chapters in the stories and from them you understand the main characters. For me, these photos following are inspiring. As often before, photos I've had on my desktop for myself to enjoy. For me they show relaxed atmosphere that you get drawn into for the personal spirit and creative feeling. Really lovely! 

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I'm sorry for not remembering where these images come from. 
They are from all over the internet. 

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